New Years Resolutions

I realize this is late, but I had a few other things I wanted to write about in the last week that seemed more pressing.

Anyway, without further to do…

Up until very recently I thought that New Years Resolutions were quite lame.  I thought they only had to do with exercising and eating right.  Both of which I already do (most of the time)  I’m not overweight so I don’t feel the need to obsess over those things as some people are prone to do this time of year.

So it is because of those things that year after year I wouldn’t make any resolutions, because if I were to go and say that I wouldn’t eat bacon for the rest of my life, I’d never be able to keep that one.  That might last a day, but then I would eventually eat some, because bacon was made by God for that purpose and it is excellent.

Then I did the stupid thing where I went around and told people that I wasn’t making any resolutions.  Then I wondered why they all thought I was lazy.

The thought that my regular everyday goals and ambitions could be used as New Years Resolutions had not occurred to me.  The truth is I have plenty of goals and ambitions.  many of which are more long term, but there are some, that if I break them down, I can accomplish them this year.

1. Listen to God and do what He says.  This is always an ongoing one for me.

2. Be better at work, not that I’ve been terrible at it by any means, but there’s always room for improvement.

3.  Be a more interesting person socially instead of running out of things to say in the span of 2 minutes.

4. Be Better in School.  Last term at Nova Scotia Community College will be hard to top, but there’s room for improvement there as I progress further into the LIT Program.  (See, progress!)

5.  Become a better listener.  Again I don’t feel like I’m terrible at this…but other people do it better than me and I can tell.  So there’s room for improvement there.

I could go on, but I won’t.

Thanks for Reading!

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