Not A Genie


I get this a lot when I talk to people.  Something along the lines of “If God is looking out for my best interests, why didn’t this or that happen for me?”

Often people use God like some sort of genie, as if He exists only to serve them and satisfy their every whim.

God is looking out for our best interests, but what’s best for is isn’t necessarily what we want. God can allow struggle in our lives in order to stretch us and work on our character.  Character is always more important than comfort in the long run. God knows us better than we know ourselves  He also knows the big picture if you will.   He created us after all.  Not only that but he paid the price for our sinful nature, not so we could keep on sinning but so that we could do good things.   Good things as determined by God that is.   He saved us so we could do His will, not so we could do ours, or try to convince Him to go along with our little plans.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t bring situations, needs, and wants to God in prayer, but we should expect that he will answer in His way and in His timing.  Not in our way and timing.

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