Options For Kurt Busch: Maybe TRG?

As everyone has heard by now, Kurt Busch and Penske Racing have mutually parted ways.  (If you haven’t heard, I’ll post the previous articles related to this below the current article.) 

According to www.jayski.com The Racers Group is openly interested in acquiring the driving services of Busch for the 2012 campaign.  Team Owner Kevin Buckler said that he was interested in speaking with Busch on the matter 

Tbe Racers Group fields the #71 Interstate Ford Fusion.  The sad truth is that during the 2011 campaign, with the driving abilities of Andy Lally at the time, TRG was only able to finish 36th in owner points.  If Kurt Busch were to sign with them he would have to qualify on speed for at least the first five races of the season.  With TRG being underfunded and not the fastest of the bunch, it is possible that Busch could miss some races with that group unless something changes drastically.  With that in mind, and knowing that Busch really enjoys competing at a high level, one wonders if he would really have fun at that organization.  The lack of fun factor was one of the many reasons Busch and Penske decided to split.  Could Busch really enjoy racing at TRG?  There is the slight possibility that he could bring them out of the bottom of the dumpster and turn them into a competitive team, but that would take hard work on the parts of everyone involved.  Busch has yet to officially sign with anyone for the 2012 season, better options could come up in the near future.  Time and circumstances will tell.

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