Options For Kurt Busch: Optimistic

Kurt will land somewhere in 2012, but exactly where is still yet to be determined….even after all the research I have done.
Opportunities there for Kurt Busch
It’s nice to hear — though it’s hardly unexpected — that Kurt Busch has Sprint Cup opportunities. It’s also not surprising that Busch’s availability on the open market has spawned waves of rumor and innuendo that verge on the ridiculous, as occurred Tuesday when Busch was connected — prematurely, it seems — with Richard Petty Motorsports.
Busch was contacted via text message and replied to a query about what he was up to by texting back, “Talking to everybody. Just talking.” So it seems to be a matter of time before Busch establishes a deal that will put him in a car for Daytona — though its level in the Cup garage is far from assured.
Source: http://www.nascar.com/news/111215/drodman-notebook-offseason-2/index.html?eref=/drivers/dps/kbusch

And for those of you who didn’t think Kurt could ever land sponsorship again…

Busch does have one deal in place
TAG Heuer Eyewear announced a multi-year extension of Busch’s role as an ambassador for the company and its products, which began in 2010. In 2011, TAG Heuer created a Kurt Busch collector edition pair of sunglasses that was made available at U.S. retailers.

“Kurt has truly been an excellent ambassador for the TAG Heuer Eyewear brand,” said Guillaume Pottecher, president of Premiere Vision, U.S. distributor for TAG Heuer Eyewear. “TAG Heuer is affiliated with leading personalities and properties around the sports and entertainment world and Kurt fits that role perfectly. He is unquestionably one of the premier talents in NASCAR and in his work for us on every occasion he has gone above and beyond what we could expect of him. We very much look forward to the future together with Kurt.”

Source: http://www.nascar.com/news/111215/drodman-notebook-offseason-2/index.html?eref=/drivers/dps/kbusch

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