Picks For The Win: Citizen Soldier 400


Four drivers will be eliminated from contention after this race.  It’s early but the next few days are crazy so I figured I’d get this up now.

No Brainers

  1. #48 Jimmie Johnson.  It’s Dover.  He has the most wins here.  Ever.
  2. #4 Kevin Harvick.  He does well here almost every time he shows up
  3. #20 Matt Kenseth.  Dover is for the cooler heads.

Guys to Watch.

  1. #88 Jeff Gordon.  He’s back.  I think he can still get it done and get a solid top 10 or better.
  2. #18 Kyle Busch.  He likes a track where you can knock people around.
  3. #78 Martin Truex Jr.  Can he continue in his consistent ways?

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