Picks For The Win: AAA 400 @ Dover

For the first time ever, a non driver gets my top pick.

No Brainers

  1. #00 Hurricane Joaquin.  Sure he doesn’t drive for any race team really, but he’s a category 4 hurricane which is quite intense on the scale.  If he decides to make landfall in the Dover area he will win the day and it will be unlikely that they will get to race on Sunday.  The current path suggests that he will remain offshore…which is good for everyone else on the Eastern seaboard.
  2. #4 Kevin Harvick.  It’s his only option if he wants to stay in contention.
  3. #48 Jimmie Johnson.  He has 9 wins here.  How do you go against that?

Guys To Watch

  1. #10 Danica Patrick.  She needs something good to happen.
  2. #14 Tony Stewart.  With all the support after he announced that 2016 would be his final championship chasing season in NASCAR will he be buoyed on to better finishes?
  3. Everyone from 12th to 16th in the playoffs.  It will get dirty with elimination on the line.  (I suppose I already mentioned Kevin Harvick before.

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