Picks For The Win: Daytona 500 @ Daytona

A fresh start for all the teams, and a fresh look for “Picks For The Win”   Daytona…If you make the race, you can win here…which makes it hard to make picks when everyone could win. Here goes.

No Brainers

1. Jimmie Johnson, Johnson has not been the fastest as of late around here…but if anyone can spoil a Daytona party at the end, he could

2.  Carl Edwards,  Edwards has had the fastest car at Daytona all week.  He’s on the pole and he will be a threat.

3.  Jeff Gordon,  After surviving a crazy flip Jeff still wants to mix it up.

Guys To Watch

1.  Kyle Busch  Can the shootout winner win the big one?

2.  Aric Almerola The man who’s been fastest in practices…can he make a run for something special?

3.  Kurt Busch  Can this talented driver bring this underfunded team to new heights?

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