Picky Eaters

Picky eaters are annoying (mostly because I’m not a picky eater at all).  Sure if you have allergies that’s one thing, but to be picky is quite another.  Food is great.  It tastes great, and it keeps you alive!  Food is fun to eat especially when you make it yourself and you know it’s good.  The draw back is you may have a brother or sister who is an extremely picky eater.  You may have tried four or five times to make something that your whole family (including the picky brother or sister) would enjoy.  But time after time, even though you hit it right on for everyone else and they LOVE it….that picky little brother or sister can never find anything good about it.  They might even go so far as to say something like “I’m not going to eat any more of this crap!”

Now let’s ask a logical question here, when was the last time you have ever had legitimate “crap” for a meal.  Fecal matter is all the stuff your body can’t use after it’s done digesting everything.  Logically nobody would ever serve “crap” as a meal.  For the record, when I cook food for the family it’s food, not “crap.”

To get this kind of insult that early in a meal after the person had only taken one bite is extremely insulting.  Constructive criticism is one thing, THAT is another.  It makes the person who cooked it want to take it all back.  Picky eaters who make comments like that forget that it takes time to cook a good meal, it was an hour for this one.  An hour the picky eater spent doing something else like watching “Heartland” or something.  An hour that the person who took the time to cook it apparently wasted because it wasn’t good enough for the picky eater.

What if we all stopped cooking for the picky eaters in our lives?  I wonder how they would feel then if they had to make every single meal themselves.

For all of you with picky eaters in your lives…getting the approval of 3 or 4 out of 5 of your family members (or however many are in your family) is not bad!  The ones who liked it all get to enjoy it with you!  As for the picky eaters…it’s just too bad!

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