Pluralism…To A Point


MONCTON – Gay rights activists are demanding public funding be taken away from Moncton’s Crandall University. The institution has a policy not to hire people in homosexual relationships, something two groups say is a violation of human rights. Since 1996, the Christian university, formerly known as Atlantic Baptist University, has benefited from about $24 million in funding from all levels of government, despite the policy. “if you’re going to use public money, it has to be used for the public,” says Josie Harding of River of Pride -the group that organizes the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT pride week. “I think (funding) should be cut if they are indeed a public institution and want to enforce this. It’s against human rights law,” she says. Moncton has actually increased funding in recent years, with council voting in 2010 to raise its annual $100,000 grant by a further $50,000. Earlier this month, council passed a long-term grant policy that allows Crandall University to qualify for more funding, despite its anti-homosexual rules. Councillor Daniel Bourgeois is against the policy, but thinks the school should still get the money. “These are institution that draw to the city the best and brightest minds in the region,” Bourgeois says. His opinion isn’t shared by the Canadian Association of University Teachers, which won’t even recognize it as a university because of the policy. “If an institution calls itself a university and imposes an ideological test or a faith test as a condition of being able to be a professor there, we think it’s entirely inappropriate,” CAUT Executive Director James Turk, says. The university doesn’t believe it’s violating anyone’s human rights and says it’s rules are open to debate. “The human rights standard does allow for certain bonafide impositions as it relates to faith and religious positions,” Vice-President of Academic Affairs Seth Crowell says. “I’m fine with those who want to disagree and challenge it.”Even students come and challenge it,” he says. Tell us what you think. Should Moncton council stop funding Crandall University because it prohibits the hiring of homosexuals?
I realize that pluralism is all the rage now but…
The short answer is “No.” (and it’s not just because I used to go there).

I’ll pause while all of you “activists” gasp…

Now while you’re all getting over the fact that I disagree with you and thinking nasty things like “Christians hate homosexuals!”  I’m going to set the record straight.  As followers of Christ, we should be loving them as much as another Christ follower…but that doesn’t mean that we have to support what they do too and say that it’s ok.  EVERYONE has sinned and that is not ok…but because of that we can still love homosexuals the same way that Jesus did…yes He loved them and died for them as willingly as he did for everyone else.  He just didn’t like what they did.  Believe it or not, who you are isn’t all about what you do.  Those are actually two separate things.

Now back to the supposed Crandall issue.  If pluralism is to be followed all the way in society, people should be open minded to the idea that some people think that Homosexuality is not the best path a person could take…and just deal with it naturally because anything goes right?  So why are people suddenly not allowed to think that way anymore? or is that taking pluralism to a place most are uncomfortable or offended with?

There is no law that says a person cannot ever be offended.  Face it, it’s probably going to happen.  I’m saying this out of love here.

Crandall’s opposition to hiring homosexuals dates back to Leviticus 18 where it says that “a man should not lie with another man as he does with a woman” (or vice versa for a woman).  Many people would call that passage hate literature…but it’s not.  It’s God speaking to us out of love so that we wouldn’t have to face the many negative consequences that come from those types of situations.  It’s a tough love for this generation apparently…but love none the less.

Getting mad over this issue is crazy, in my opinion.  They’re not saying all Homosexuals should be burned at the stake right now (that would be terrible and un-Christ like) they’re just choosing not to hire them.  If you don’t get picked for a job you wouldn’t go back and yell at them forever…that’s a waste of time…you’d try to find another.

Like it or not there are stipulations any person must meet before being considered for hire in any position.  Would you hire a blind taxi driver?  I don’t think so.

I too am open to debate though.  I’m not trying to force my way of thinking on anyone…just putting it out there…As open as pluralism tries to be…It leaves a lot to be desired.

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