Bitter Prom Reject Does Something Really Stupid

Guys, if you ask a girl to the prom and get rejected….PLEASE don’t do this!!!!  Ask someone else instead.  Be a gentleman about this.  I’m totally disgusted and saddened by all this.


Source: Daily Mail

A 16-year-old boy allegedly stabbed to death his classmate in the stairwell of their Connecticut high school after she reportedly refused to be his prom date.

The unidentified teen allegedly slashed 16-year-old Maren Sanchez’s throat and choked her following an argument inside Jonathan Law High School, Milford, about 7.15am this morning.

The honors student was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The school’s junior prom, scheduled for tonight, has been postponed. But in honor of their friend’s memory, gieving students have planned to take their corsages to the school’s new gym tonight.

The horrific incident unfolded early this morning when, according to New York Daily News, the alleged attacker confronted Maren, his ex-girlfriend, in the school’s hallway, armed with a kitchen knife he brought from home.

He was reportedly furious that his ex dumped him. He allegedly threw her down the stairs and choked her, before stabbing her in the neck.

‘She was screaming,’ a student inside the building at the time of the attack, told Daily News. ‘There were students in the hallway when it happened. The kids who saw it are all a wreck.’

According to Police Chief Keith Mello, a school staff member witnessed part of the hallway attack and tried to save Maren.

He said the teen suffered ‘some severe injuries that were visible around the neck area’, he but could not confirm what weapon was used, NBC Connecticut reported.

He noted that investigators have heard ‘rumors’ that the assault was related to a spurned prom invitation, but said is was too soon to establish a motive.

News of the shocking incident has rattled the school community, with student Sean Chester telling The Hartford Courant that Maren was a junior and the class president.

She was also an athlete and a member of the National Honor Society.

‘Everything you’re doing right in high school she was doing,’ he said.

On Facebook, classmates described Maren as ‘a sweet girl with a big heart’. They said that Maren already had a prom date – her boyfriend – when her alleged attacker asked her out.

School superintendent Elizabeth Feser said the high school was ‘devastated by the loss of one of our students’.

‘She was a 16-year-old junior, vibrant, very involved in (Jonathan Law), an incredible contributor, someone who was respected,’ Feser said.

She said counselors were available to members of the school community.

Chris Kulenych, an English and broadcast journalism teacher at Jonathan Law, said Maren was active in the school community and was often a guest on the student news television broadcast.

‘She did everything – people knew her that way,’ Kulenych said. ‘Today was just devastating.’

According to a police statement, the incident was ‘isolated’.

Jonathan Law Principal Fran Thompson had reportedly sent a message to parents saying there was a physical altercation between two students at the school. She also said one student required medical attention.

The school’s junior prom was scheduled for 7pm tonight at Vazzano’s Four Seasons banquet hall in Stratford.


She already had a date.  She’s allowed to say no.  She’s allowed to say no anyway.  Who would want to take this monster to prom.  He clearly has issues he needs to work out.  If she had taken him, he probably would have killed her later over something just as lame.  Getting rejected is not a reason to kill someone.  Come to think of it, all reasons for killing people are stupid.  Had this guy used his head he could have asked someone else earlier in the year…but nobody makes contingency plans anymore.  Was he that full of himself that he thought she wouldn’t say no to him?  If they gave up dating at the time, why would he be furious that she rejected him again?  Get a clue kid!  Rejection happens all the time.  You don’t have to go slitting people’s throats because of it.
Ladies, don’t date this man.
This world is completely disgusting.

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