Pundit-ing The Possibilities

So Kurt Busch is looking for a new ride once again.  Which team will he go with? Or if you’re cynical, Who will take him? Childress and Gibbs have possible openings, what with the fact that each of those organizations only has three cars in their lineup (you are allowed to “own” up to four cars in a team).  Those are really the only big teams that could absorb him if they wanted to.  Otherwise there are some start and park efforts he could go for (but he wouldn’t have much fun with those).

Another possibility could be that Kurt could own his own team…maximum job security…he would certainly be able to avoid getting let go.  Ironically, Red Bull Racing is looking to sell their operation.  Busch could acquire that team and make a go at it under his own banner.  He could con someone like David Reutimann to go with him as a teammate or something.

Apparently Richard Childress is having a “Surplus Auction” today, what with his race team going from four drivers to three.  Perhaps Kurt could get some good deals on some cars.

Remember, all of this is mere speculation.  However, Kurt is a good driver so he should be able to land some sort of quality ride somewhere hopefully.

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