So What If He Has Bad Handwriting?

I found this blog post to be quite interesting and I thought I would share it with you, along with my own reactions.

(PHOTO) Bono’s Letter to President Lula da Silva

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva is recovering from cancer treatment at the moment, and Bono recently sent him a letter of support that Brazilian media have published. The article says that Bono sent the handwritten note via email on November 10th, which means the Hewson’s must have a scanner at home. One of the boys probably showed him how to use it, no?
If you can’t sort out yer man’s handwriting, I think it says:
With my entreaties let the prayers of children change the world. You already have! Your fan, Bono (Dublin, Nov. ’11)



I think that being able to sing as well as he does is a fair trade off for bad handwriting.  I wouldn’t bash it, at least he put the effort into writing the note in the first place.

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