Solving 3 Major Life Problems Through Music

After listening to music for a while now, I have come to realize that Secular Music (that is the stuff that you won’t hear in Church) was written to help people solve one of 3 reoccuring problems in life and music.

Here are the categories, and some examples…the ones I could come up with right now….

Falling In Love
 Quit Your Life (MXPX)
Want Ad (MXPX)
She Loves You (The Beatles)
Girl (The Beatles)

Falling Out of Love
 Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (John Mayer)
Good Love is On The Way (John Mayer)
Heartbreak Warfare (John Mayer)
Perfectly Lonely (John Mayer)
With or Without You (U2)
One (U2)

Various Political Issues
Sunday Bloody Sunday  (U2)
Surrender (U2)
Pride In (The Name of Love) (U2)
Bullet The Blue Sky (U2)
I Am The Walrus (The Beatles)

Notice any trends?

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