Steve Jobs Is Not God

There, I said it.  And all of you Mac super nerds are thinking “What!?!?” or even, “How dare you say that?”  Yes I’m sure there are those out there who would follow that man (even though he’s DEAD) to the end of the world and back again if they could.

I have an iPod Nano (Second Generation)…yeah I’m old school…there’s nothing wrong with that…I like it.  BUT it is not the be all and end all of everything.  There are much more important thing in my life than that, Jesus Christ, family, friends, all of that good stuff.

When the latest iPhones came out last year, people were in line really early, and when they got their new devices they were so excited, caressing and kissing them….praising their creator Steve Jobs.  It’s all idolatry really…when you take it that far.  With the Advent of the new Steve Jobs Action Figure, people can actually have a little version of Steve in their homes to do whatever they want with….That is certainly Idolatry!


Did you shudder when you first saw the incredibly realistic Steve Jobs action figure that’s supposedly becoming available in February? You’re not alone — if Apple’s attempts to ban the toy are anything to go by.
The Telegraph reports that Apple is “allegedly threatening to sue” In Icons, the maker of the action figure.
This legal threat comes as no surprise considering that the the 1:6 scale figure — which was previously said to be slated for distribution by a company called DiD Corp. — isn’t the first of its kind, nor the only one to face Apple’s army of lawyers.


 In late 2010, somewhat less realistic Steve Jobs action figures were sold through and by a website called M.I.C. Gadget. A law firm representing Apple quickly put an end to things when it requested that the company cease marketing and selling the action figure though.Apple’s lawyers claimed back then — as well as this time around — that the whole “wrangle is over the likeness of the doll to the late Apple founder, the rights of which the company claims it owns,” as the Telegraph’s Amy Willis explains.We’ll have to wait and see if the threat of legal action will take yet another Steve Jobs action figure off the market, but — after reading the comments made by Tandy Cheung, the businessman behind In Icons, to ABC News — we’re not so sure that this one will disappear without a fight:”Apple can do anything they like,” Cheung said. “I will not stop, we already started production.” […] While he said he was aware Apple had stopped other companies from making Steve Jobs dolls in the past, Cheung said he is “not sure” if his action figure will cause Apple to take legal action. But, Cheung said, he spoke with several lawyers in Hong Kong who told him he wasn’t in violation as long as he doesn’t include any Apple products with the figure.Of course, Cheung made those remarks before Apple’s lawyers stepped in. He may no longer be so confident about his assertion that “Steve Jobs is not an actor, he’s just a celebrity,” and that “[t]here is no copyright protection for a normal person.”   Source:


In death, more has been made of this man than in life.  He will forever have his worshipers (as terrible as that is).

Some crazy people have actually made a religion around this guy.  The website proudly proclames that disgusting fact.  The “Jobians” as they call themselves praise the works of the smart man Steve Jobs and they use him as their god.  The following is their really weird statement of faith.


“Yes, Steve Jobs is God! It is he who hath provided us with iPhones which serve us as palm sized minions. It is he who spun the Macbook Pro from aluminum ore. And it is he who hath brought forth the glory of the wondrous iPad. Even though we all share the sin of having tasted Windows and Flash in the past, Steve Jobs forgives us and continues to do what it takes to set us free.
You don’t have to praise him in a specially engineered structure designed for worship, but you do have to repeatedly return to this site if you are ever to become a true Jobian and be granted the rite of the Ultimate Apple Device. If you think it, you are it, and you are a Jobian now if you think it. You are one of us deep inside and you can feel it in your blood, so rejoice and be merry, because your day of final synchronization and bliss shall soon be upon you, and then you shall truly be free!”
 This is totally insane!  First of all a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to be free of anything and everything negative.  All the other religions say that they will “show you the way” where as Jesus “is the way,”  That being said there is no other way to be truly free.

Second of all, Steve Jobs cannot be God because he is DEAD.  The very fact that he is dead, proves that he is not God.  One of the prerequisites for God to be God is that He is ALIVE!

Thirdly, Steve Jobs had a physical birthday like the rest of us.  His was February 24, 1955.  That means that *hold your breath* there was actually human activity and life before the existance Steve Jobs!

Fourthly Apple is trying to ban the sale “action figures” or idols displaying the likeness of Jobs.  Therefore, at least some of them are not under the “Steve Jobs is God” illusion.

Fifthly, God Himself created Steve Jobs and his brain just like He created everyone else on this earth.

Therefore, in conclusion, Steve Jobs was a very smart man (because God allowed him to be) but Steve Jobs is not God.  The only thing that can be God is God himself! 

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