Taken is a movie about a girl who wants to go see her favourite band on tour in Europe.  After her mother forces her second guessing, protective father to let her go, she is then kidnapped pretty much on arrival and then sold into the sex trade by some Albanians.  What these people didn’t know was that her father has very special skills.  He showed up in Europe and did whatever he had to to get her back.  Fortunately it all worked out.  The big moral of the story is when dad is second guessing himself with the kind of career he’s had, the wife and kid should listen.

The movie also brings to light the awful practice of kidnapping and prostitution which still exists in the world today.  Although most of the people involved in this detestable practice probably did not have children of their own…some did, and they were able to somehow turn a blind eye toward what was going on.  Shame on them.

Women are not meant to be sex slaves.   They are meant to be protected and loved, which is really what the movie Taken was trying to get at.

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