The Apartment Drama: Grocery Shopping

The sun is actually shining for once.  This is notable because in my other stories it always seems to be overcast and dull.

There frequently comes a time in every man’s life where he must shop for groceries.  This is about once such time.

Gene and I head outside the apartment.  For the first time in this series!

We wander over to his old car, get in, and he starts it up.

Gene stares off into space for five minutes as the car warms up and the proceeds slowly out of the parking lot.

“I have to stop at my friend Angela’s house.  She made me…us a pie!  She really is a wonderful lady!” stated Gene seemingly amorously.

He stops the car in the driveway next to our building.  “I’ll just be a minute!”  He excitedly runs to her front door and slips inside.

Thirty minutes later Gene emerges with a lemon pie and a loaf of banana bread.

“It’s a fresh pie, Bri!” Gene states  “She really is a wonderful lady!”

Does Gene love this woman?  I wonder to myself.

We proceed to get groceries taking the old road into town because the highway is too fast for Gene these days.

We arrive at the grocery store.  Gene asks me what’s on the list.  I begin to read it off.  However, after hearing the first item Gene runs off with speed I’ve never seen out of him before.  Instead of methodically going through each store and getting stuff, we end up going back and forth through each one as only one item is ever listened to at a give time.

I think I need to reorganize my shopping lists based on proximity.

Then there’s the indecision once we get to the item we’re looking for.  So many choices.  It can take a long time for Gene to decide.  ‘I think we should get this one.”  I state.  “No, let me look at this mountain of other ones first.” he replies.  This must be what hell might be like.

Gene also knows a lot of friends and he meets them.  Similarly to his pie lady possible crush he has long conversations with each of them.

By evening our shopping is finally complete.  It’s been exhausting, but at least it doesn’t have to happen for another week.


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