The Art of Dating The Modern Woman

Get out your cheesy elevator music, and or slow jazz.  This is going to be one of those posts as much as I sort of regret it!

The Modern Woman is a much different breed (I may be using this term  more loosely than I have a right to…and for that I am sorry).

The Modern Woman is much different than Hollywood would make her out to be these days.  I’ve heard it said that “dating is like a really long job interview.”  Especially in these modern times when women are looking for super human ideal men right out of the box.  Unfortunately, according to an article I read recently men are “full of crap” when it comes to dating women according to its author, who’s exact identity will remain secret.  I beg to differ. Sometimes all it is (and this is no body’s particular fault) that guys see beauty and then their brain falls apart.  At this point it is understandable why a woman might wonder what she is getting herself into if she has indeed decided to date an individual who is of this current (and hopefully temporary condition).

Anyway, after a long, slightly deranged rabbit trail I come to the thesis of what this post is all about.  When dating, it is often good to learn from other people’s mistakes (it’s much more fun than making them on your own, and then having to learn from those…)

Here is the most important advice I have learned so far about dating the modern woman.
(if you’re looking for marriage tips…try a different blog…I have no authority on that, ha ha)

Advice on Dating the Modern Woman

1. If she asks you out, and you say “yes” …don’t question it later.
2. If she says she likes or loves you, don’t ask “why?”  Unconditional liking or loving is much better than having to give reasons all the time.
3.  If she’s got food on her face, don’t point it out…this will only cause you pain later.
4.  Women are gifts from God.  If He has allowed you to have access to one, you’ve got to treat her well…no taking advantage before it’s really time.
5.  Don’t lie to her.
6.  If you say you like her, mean it.
7. If she asks you what you’re thinking…and you’re actually thinking of nothing…make something up.  Technically this is lying (unless you just tell her she’s beautiful…how can you argue with that) but it works out better that way.
8,  If you’re getting on her nerves, stop it….and it will go well with you
9.  Tell her the truth always, even though she may not always believe it in the early stages.  Telling the truth goes a long way…even when nobody believes you.
10.  Talk! even if you have nothing remotely interesting to say at the time…they like that.  Communication is key…even if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
11.  If she doesn’t want to go out, stay in…but try again later.  It’s always good to see the occasional movie or something.
12.  If she has decided that you are no longer the “man of her dreams” (whatever that is) and that she wants out of the relationship, let her go. (in a non hateful way…that way at least you’ll keep a friend).  It was probably hard enough for her to come to that decision in the first place without you arguing and making it even more difficult than it already is.  By letting her go peacefully as she desires, you are showing true love.  True love in this case goes beyond what your own needs may be to accommodate her need for freedom from the relationship.  (for whatever reasons she may give)  Don’t get mad at her about it afterward.  (That will make things awkward), continue to treat her as a friend at this point.  Don’t get in her way.


That’s all the advice I could think of at this point.
Feel free to add anything I might have missed.  I believe there is a place for comments below this post.  Perhaps by posting this I may have helped someone.  Perhaps by commenting your advice, you can help someone too!  Who knows?

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