The Big Hit

I didn’t want to hurt myself.|
I didn’t expect to.
I was just trying to play the game properly.
I’m not used to being the tall person in the group.
I didn’t see him make a cross over move to tag me.
I thought I could run past him.

And then I couldn’t.  I tripped over him.  Who does that?  Smacked the side of my head on the way down too.  It was another big hit.  My fifth all time.  After the impact, I hear the wise words of my friend.  “Everyone has a magic number…” referring to the number of hits a person can take before they get “The Big One” which changes their life completely.

Was this it?
Was this the big one?
I don’t want to be a vegetable.

I quickly realize that I do not have any of the symptoms of concussion, which was very good.  I didn’t even have a headache let alone anything worse like losing consciousness or brain functions.  Still I wondered, since the spot where I hit was pretty high on my head.  If I didn’t touch it, I felt completely normal.  I shouldn’t have gone to Google and read all the articles about the dangers of concussions and brain hemorrhaging when in the end all I had done was bruise a bone that was connected to my jaw muscles.  I had actually bruised it in a previous incident, so I know I’ll just have to wait it out.  This definitely beats waiting for inevitable death from a stroke, which would have happened by now if any of those horror stories were true of me.

Fortunately, they’re not.

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