The Drive To Drive Me

This is from my side project A Thicker Lens but I thought it would be useful to post and discuss here also.


Because sometimes well intentioned friends can be too helpful.

This happens to me all the time, so speaking of a particular instance would be no different than any other.  I will be walking along on a perfectly sunny day and enjoying it very much, usually coming home from Church, but it happens other times as well, when a well intentioned good friend of mine drives up and asks me if I want a ride home.  It seems harmless enough, and it is, but I wonder why they do that when the weather is so great.

Don’t get me wrong, I would gladly accept an offer if it was pouring rain or snowing, but the weather is great and this is the only exercise I get in the run of a day.  I also really enjoy walking.  Some of them question me when I decline their invitation for a ride, and some just won’t take no for an answer.

I understand that they want to help me, seeing as I’m at a disadvantage with the rest of the world in some ways, but I’m legally blind NOT paralyzed.  I appreciate all the offers, but sometimes I’m going to say no thank you.  It’s only two blocks.  I’m going to walk it.

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