The Floor Comes At You Fast

It was a dull Tuesday afternoon.  I was off school for a week because I was at a week long program at APSEA back when they still did those, I’m not entirely sure why they stopped those now, but that’s getting off track.  During some down time in the afternoon, myself and several others were playing video games on an old Super Nintendo.  This was the 90s so Super Nintendo was a big thing back then.  One of my friends called me from another room so I ran to see what she wanted.

As I’m entering the room, I was running too fast and failed to see one of those little gold metal thresholds and because of that I tripped over it and started to fall forward.

Let’s pause here for a second.  I need to inform you about the manner in which the floor was constructed.  The residence building at the time was carpeted with carpet that you would commonly find in an office, very durable, not the softest stuff on the market.  Underneath this carpet is concrete.  I’m about to hit this.

I hit the ground square on my chin.  This is an odd place to take a hit and it resulted in my lower lip being driven upward into my top teeth which left a hole in said lower lip. but I didn’t break any bones fortunately.  The Residence Assistant on duty at the time was quick to help me, though she was afraid that I might need to be stitched up, but after some discussion we decided to let it heal on its own.

I’ve been careful of door thresholds ever since.

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