The Future Of NASA Apparently Lies In Its Past

It looks like a slightly larger version of what they used to send up during the Apollo missions. This new rocket can apparently carry 5 times the payload of the previous, aged shuttles. It will be used for the next portion of NASA’s space exploration endeavours to asteroids and Mars. (CTV News)

Source: NASA

This is all very well and good, but I have an idea as to where NASA should look the next time they are looking for a new design.  It’s a long shot but you never know.  Here is my idea.

“Am I crazy?” you ask, and I say, probably.  but think about it.  Yes it is totally crazy to think that NASA would build Star Ship Enterprise like ships to their exact proportions…they would have to be built in space and as far as I know the International Space Station is not in the business of doing that…yet.  The resulting ships would be too huge to land anywhere.  However, they could build smaller versions on earth.  The advantage to this would be less waste.  You send the whole thing up, and you get the whole thing back, where in previous missions all you would get back would be the re-entry capsule or the orbiter.   Also, you wouldn’t need to land these things anywhere special (although you would probably want to).  If it was raining in Cape Canaveral, you could land at any other airport close by.  (Assuming they were built with the ability to do that)

I realize that finding dilithium crystals might be difficult (so they would have to settle for some other fuel source) and humanity has yet to figure out warp speed
but you never know…It could happen!

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  1. You don't want to wind up on Rura Penthe.

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