The Great Moncton Water Shortage?

I woke up this morning to a little less water pressure than normal as far as the sink was concerned.  I didn’t think much of it as there was still enough coming from various places to get the early morning routine done before heading off to breakfast and then off to class.  After going through my first class without incident I proceed to my next class where I hear news that classes are canceled due to the lack of ideal water pressure.  Most of us were already there anyway so we decided to have class anyway because it takes more than lack of ideal water pressure to stop a bunch of hard core Victorian lit students from learning about Wilkie Collins and “The Woman in White.”  After this I return to my room on residence and check to see if the water pressure situation has gotten any worse (as people had been making a big deal about it earlier in the morning.)  Seeing no change for the worse (there was still water coming from the tap) I began to wonder why folks were making such a big deal out of this situation, sure we don’t have the ideal water pressure that makes showers more enjoyable, but we still have access, even if we have to wait a bit longer to fill our water bottles.  There are places in the world where they have no access to fresh drinking water.  All I’m saying is that we’re not in as bad a situation as we think we might be, it could be worse.  This is just a little snag that should be resolved soon from what I hear.  Maybe it’s worse in other parts of the city, I don’t know, but if you live in Moncton are currently going through this slight inconvenience, and you’re worried about possible issues regarding a certain porcelain bowl, just use this simple rule… (assuming you don’t have enough water pressure to flush)
If it’s yellow…let it mellow
If it’s brown…wait a while, the problem will hopefully be fixed soon.

Update: 0 Pressure We’ll still survive!

Update 2 Water is back on but Moncton under a boil order.

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