The Greatest Thing About Christmas

The greatest thing about Christmas is not necessarily the fact that Jesus Christ, our savior was born of a virgin woman, though that is indeed an astonishing feat.  Nothing is impossible for God, if he wants to do it. He made the rules of creation, He can bend them too if He sees fit.

The greatest thing is that He came to save us from ourselves and our sinful nature which only leads to death.  God could have chosen to keep His Son in heaven with Him, we would continue to suffer, and it would have been right.  He is God, and on our own, we can’t do anything to save ourselves.  However, the Lord had other plans.  He would send his son,  He would take our sins upon himself on the cross in exchange for His very own righteousness so that our relationship with God can be restored.  He rose from the dead and will come back one day to make all things new and for those who believe, we will spend forever in the new heaven and new earth as it was meant to be.  Freely worshiping God in His presence where sin can’t touch us anymore.

This gift of freedom began that not-as-silent-as-people-want-to-believe night.

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