The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like…A Really Good Pot Roast

Jesus spoke in parables to get important points across to the crowds listening to him without angering the Pharisees and Sadducees who were out to kill him…and would have right then if Jesus had spoken plainly.  I’ve been reading through these lately in my times that I set aside to read God’s word.   I thought I might come up with my own.  This may or may not be a good idea in the end, depending on what you think of pot roast.   Deep down you know you like it even if you won’t admit it.  God made pot roast in a round about way, and everything God is involved in can be used to point back to Him.

So for better or worse, here is my parable of the Pot Roast.

A man was having a dinner party with a few of his friends.

His first friend accepted the pot roast with joy and proceeded to cover the roast beef and potatoes with the gravy that his gracious host had also provided.  Now there was some turnips and parsnips mixed in with the pot roast which the first friend was not overly keen on, but he gladly ate everything on his plate none the less and was very satisfied as he did generally enjoy pot roast, even if it did have parsnips and turnips in it.  As he ate the pot roast and was filled.

His second friend, also accepted the pot roast with great joy, pouring gravy on the meat and potatoes and eating everything …except the parsnips and turnips.

His third friend saw that the pot roast was well seasoned with the best ingredients and all together very good, but refused to eat any of it.  He did, however sip on the gravy that was provided by the host.  However, that was not enough food to sustain him and he soon fell over and died.

His fourth friend received the pot roast with joy and ate it all up.  As the evening progressed however, and dinner turned to conversation, which at first was pleasant then became too much to handle, and he threw up the contents of his dinner.

Needless to say the dinner party was over after that.


The whole pot roast is the Triune God (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit).  We can taste and see that He is good.  (however, this does not always mean safe, or that He won’t discipline you).

The turnips and parsnips represent those situations, though sometimes undesirable to us, God uses them to help us grow to become more like him if we’d let him.

The gravy represents our talents and the gifts God has given us to use for His glory while we are on this earth.

The first friend receives Jesus with great joy, understanding his need for a saviour, because he cannot do anything on his own  pay for his own sins.  (That’s why Jesus died and was resurrected for us).  Though he does not like the turnips or the trials in his life, he eats them anyway, knowing that they will serve to strengthen his faith.

The second friend was like those who receive Jesus with enthusiasm, but as soon as trouble (or Turnips) comes, he was out of there.

The third friend, completely rejects Jesus from the start, assuming he can get through life and subsequently get to heaven based on his own talents, skills, strength, and ability.  He is very independent and used his skills for his own glory, but in the end, living like that (just for yourself, not recognizing anything God does in your life) is pointless…it doesn’t matter how good your gravy tastes.  If you’re missing the meat, you won’t be able to sustain yourself for very long.

The fourth friend is one of the many who are not in a real relationship with God.  To others it may seem like they have it all together, and then they are shocked the day when this person rather suddenly (as far as others are concerned) rejects God, Jesus, and everything the Holy Spirit has ever done in their life.

Which one are you?

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