The Lahey Debacle

We’ve all heard about that now disgraced bishop Lahey and his crimes against children. 
(If you haven’t heard the end of the whole story, read this CBC Article. )
It’s awful.  The fact that he was a Bishop in the Catholic church makes it ten times worse though.  The responsibility that comes with being a Bishop is very great.  Just like being a Pastor in the Baptist or Anglican churches, the Bishop is responsible for the leadership and spiritual care of a group of people.  That is a large burden for anyone in clergy.  In other types of churches pastors often have the support of their wives and family as they press on in ministry.  This kind of support (along with the guiding of the Holy Spirit) helps defend against situations in which Mr. Lahey has found himself in.  If only they allowed Catholic Priests and Bishops to marry as other pastors have the option to.  Perhaps you wouldn’t hear so much about sexual abuse (which puts a damper on the evangelistic efforts of all churches…because nobody wants to be involved in that).

Like it or not, people are always watching when you are in a position of leadership over a church or a group of churches.  The things you do in private should be as blameless as they attempt to be in public.  Once Lahey got arrested he realized he was no longer fit for service in his position and he did the necessary things to get out of it.

 Also like it or not, we are all sinners!  Including Pastors and Bishops.  Jesus Christ already payed for the sins that Mr. Lahey, as well as those you and I have committed when He died on the cross and was resurrected three days later.  Forgiveness of sins is available to anyone who asks for it in Jesus’ name.  You don’t have to go to a priest to have your sins forgiven….you can just ask Jesus to be forgiven yourself…there’s no middle man.  Assuming Lahey asked forgivness of Christ for his sins (which were already payed for) he would have gotten it too.

Whatever disciplinary action Lahey receives will probably be good for him on a spiritual level….and possibly greater good can come out of this awful situation.

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