The New Testament (A Brief Introduction)

What Is It?

The New Testament is a series of 27 books in the biblical cannon known as the Bible.  These books were written by many different people and every word was God inspired.

Major Themes In The New Testament

  • Birth of Jesus
  • Jesus Calls The Twelve Disciples
  • Ministry of Jesus
  • The Good News of Salvation Through Jesus
  • Death of Jesus
  • Resurrection of Jesus
  • Acts of the apostles and early Church
  • Letters from various followers of Jesus (Paul, Timothy John, Etc…) to churches in various towns that were ministered to by these people.
  • Paul’s Mission Trips
  • Apocalyptic Literature  (How the world will end)  …Revelation.
  • The Second Coming of Christ  (Nobody knows when…except God himself…but it’s going to happen)

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