The Porcelain Bowl

The story begins like this.  I went away for a weekend and my dorm buddies were hanging out and one of them leans back, expecting to lean against a wall…instead he leans back into the open door of the bathroom, somehow falling back far enough to have the toilet break his fall.  Unfortunately, during that part of the incident, he somehow managed to physically move the toilet away from the wax seal that holds it to the rest of the plumbing and prevents leaks.  Since the seal was then broken, we obviously couldn’t use it again until it got fixed, or else we would risk a major flood of who knows what.  Fortunately we had friends down the hall who were more than willing to let us use their fully functional porcelain apparatus, thus no harm, no foul.  This went on for a few days.  As of today our toilet is completely fixed!  That is awesome.  As weird as this ordeal could have been, at least we got some sort of story to tell out of it.

Blessed is he who has a toilet within close proximity to himself!

That’s not from scripture but in some ways they can be a blessing.
Bet you never thought of that before.

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