The Storm Service

This morning, as I do most every Sunday morning, I was in church with my family and the rest of our extended church family (those who could make it).  This is unremarkable except for the fact that we had church during a blizzard when all the other churches in town had shut down due to the weather.  We had planned to do our Christmas Cantata this week, but that got moved to next week because of the same weather.  I came in and had no idea what we were going to do for songs.  We did unrehearsed but well known Christmas carols, and God took over, as He should all the time and it was a great service.  Nobody was in a hurry to leave afterward either.  I wonder if we (with God’s help) could make every week feel more inviting like that?  I wonder if that wouldn’t make the newcomers less afraid to bring their own friends out?

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