Thoughts After Six Years

I can’t believe that it’s been six years to the day since I started this blog.  Though it’s been in many formats over the years, blogspot,, and now on its own site, the same spirit of writing about things has existed throughout this entire period of time.

When I started this blog, I honestly wasn’t sure how long I could write.  I didn’t know if I had enough interesting things to post on here.  Six years later, for better or worse, I’m still finding things to publish on here.  None of this would have happened without the encouragement I received from a friend who was already blogging at the time.  You should check out his blog at  He has a lot of good things to say.  I guess the main point I’m trying to make here is, encourage your friends to do (good and constructive) things.  You never know what might come of it.

Thank you to everyone for reading all this time.


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