Thoughts On The Office

If you haven’t seen the show, there will be spoilers.  If you don’t care, or know already, read on!

It was a nine season fake documentary into the lives of American office workers which ran from 2005-2013 and proves that more often than not, every day things can be pretty great.  Since I just finished the series recently, I thought i’d share some thoughts.

I thought the cast worked well together and after a slow start in season one, some great characters began to develop for better or worse.

Roy Anderson
Roadblock Roy is a warehouse worker who is engaged to Pam.  As far as I can tell he only exists to prevent Pam and Jim from getting togehter earlier.  He’s so jealous of Pam and yet while he’s with her, all he can do is complain.  Fortunately, he doesn’t last long.  He really was in the way though.

Jim and Pam (Beesly) Halpert

One of the best days ever when these guys finally got together for good.  If you prank together, you may as well stay together.  I was a little worried when they started having communication problems in the final season, but was equally relieved that htey were able to work them out.  These guys were definitely the power couple of the office.  Not sure why Jim’s gas station proposal got so much flack from the other guys at the office.  Good on Jim for actually being faithful in his marriage and taking care of Pam.  Of course they had some communication issues to work out when Jim bought a house without telling Pam, but she would get “revenge” come selling time.

Dwight and Angela (Martin) Schrute

The roller coaster couple of the series.  It’s like they were trying for a Ross and Rachel sort of deal, but even more annoying.  Dwight does many talents and is very industrious.  Angela starts off as a Christian, but falls away from the faith soon after the first trimester of the show.  As much as you love to hate Dwight, it’s great that things end up working out for him in the end.  Though, their romance seemed to drag on in later seasons.  He definitely had the worst proposal ever.  Who runs their prospective wife off the road and expects her to say yes?

Michael Scott

I can’t say anything bad about Steve Carell.  The Michael Scott character was annoying at times, but tha was the whole point.  He could also be endearing at times too.  Remember The Scarn?  He stuck around for seven seasons, after that he decided not to renew his contract.  As annoying as he could be at times, he had grown on me.  Santa Bond and Agent Michael Scarn were my favourite ailiases.  I’m glad we finally got to see the movie he had been working so hard on near the end of season 7.  It was nice of the producers to bring him back for the finale.  However, when Steve left the show,  you would think that would be a huge hint to wrap it up.  Seasons 8 and 9 really showed down and Carell was missed more than he thought he would be.  He really carried the US version of the show.

The Others

Stanley was actually my favourite character on the show the majority of the time, as he was the most mature of the group.  I do not condone the three affairs he had.  That was not an overly great reveal.  I also lost respect for him during his brief “say a long sentence… and SHOVE IT UP YOUR BUTT! phase.”  Fortunately that did not last very long.

Ryan and Kelly were extremely annoying.  They were the most on again off again couple of the entire show.  Who runs away together and leaves a kid behind?

I tried, but could not warm up to Meredith as a character.  I’m not into flashing and drinking though.  Maybe that’s why.

Creed was a creepy old guy, who suddenly comes out of nowhere to be a good musician.

Darryl was an all around good guy.  I felt bad for him in his brief apartment stint with Jim.

Toby is the most sympatetic character of the group.  He’d get mercilessly picked on for no reason, and yet continue to be helpful as ever.

Oscar Martinez was the brains of the outfit.

Phyllis was good natured, and always in for a good time no matter what.  Definitely a good fit for that group.

Andy and Erin  will be best friends forever even though things didn’t work out.   It was good that Erin could find her parents in the end.

Robert California  The short lived CEO for season 8.  He was too preocupied with his own issues to be a strong leader.  Then again so were all the regional managers.

Deangelo Vickers:   Will Ferrell’s short lived character was in a coma too often to leave an impression.

And Kevin,  I don’t know what to think about Kevin.  Nobody knows what to think about Kevin!

Pennsylvania Paper and Products Building Wikipedia Commons Michael Scott Wikipedia Commons Pam and 3 Hole Punch Jim Archie McPhee Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin Wikipedia Commons

It’s a good show over all.  Sometimes less is more, especially when it came to seasons 8 and 9.  However, it was a good effort on all the full time actors for sure.


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