TOA Chapter 16: Parliament Hill

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA | Wednesday, April 9 2070 | 9:00 am EDT

Newton finally arrived on Parliament Hill, and not a moment too soon as far as he was concerned, though it would have taken the average person an extra day at least to make that trip.

The place was packed, it looked to Newman like the whole country had been invited.  For the most part, he was right.

Newton wandered confidently into the House of Commons, hoping to find Prime Minister James Slone and discuss with him in confidence the idea that he might reverse his new law regarding the horrible device Newton had made.

The crowd of people noticed him.  Newton looked into their eyes, they were almost grey, soulless.  He felt them push against him as he made his way to the center of the room.  The crowd spilled in behind him.  As many as could fit made their way into the room.  As one the legion drew weapons and pointed them at Newton.

“Any last words?” asked Prime Minister James Slone, his gun leveled at Newman.  This was not the kind of conversation Newton had hoped to have with this man.

Newton realized that the angry mob, more or less the whole country’s citizens were being controlled by whoever had modified the receiver software by now.  Newton grabbed a microphone and quickly began to speak.  He did not want to die unnecessarily today.  Perhaps he could convince them otherwise.   Newton gazed up into the balcony and saw a woman who did not have a weapon drawn.  He recognized her!  She was Jennifer.  Newton felt hopeful but quickly remembered what he had to do.

“Fellow Canadians,  I Newton Hiltz was the creator of the ZSoft Thought Transmitter.  Today I am ashamed that I have made it.  This device was built to prevent suicide, and from the looks of things after today you may have a mass homicide on all your hands. You are all being controlled by one man. This man is nothing but pure evil.  He is putting the thoughts in your head to kill me.  However, you all still have the power of free will to do what is right in spite of all the pressure.  Before I came here I had the constant reoccuring thought to return to Calgary, no doubt the man of pure evil had put it there in my mind so many times I had a severe headache.  No doubt this is happening to all of you.  I can see it in your eyes.  Nevertheless, you people still have the ability to do the right thing.  So what will it be?  The choice is yours.”

A silence fell across the room.


Jenny was in turmoil.  She heard what Newton was saying, even agreed with it, but the command to kill was banging around in her mind so much she was having the worst pain.  She loved Newton dearly, but she knew there was only one way to get rid of the pain.  She raised her previously concealed weapon and fired at Newman.  The bullet made contact with his forehead, shattering his thought transmitter and proceeding to rip apart his brain.  Newton would be free to think how he wanted to, without any outside pressure, now that he was dead, she thought.


Newton’s body was dragged out by Zeke Sabates and Nicholas Fyfe.  They burned Newton’s body in an available dumpster.  There would be no funeral.  Fyfe then turned on Zeke and threw him into the fire as well.  In this unforeseen turn of events both Zeke and Newton were burned together.

Returning to the House of Commons, Fyfe ordered for the execution of James Slone.  This wish was granted immediately by a lone enthusiastic gunman.  Nicholas Fyfe then installed himself as prime minister, and was at that point well on his way to becoming a world super power with his whole country by his side, and at his beck and call.  Fyfe took Cybl to be his wife.  Since he could control her thoughts this was not hard for her to agree to.

Together they lived comfortably, had many children, and ruled as Fyfe saw fit.  Fife would expand the Canadian Empire, as he called it now, to new heights at the expense of his fellow citizens who were now only used to accomplish his goals.  None of this mattered to Fyfe.  He had it all. He was living in a Utopia, as far as he was concerned, loved and adored by everyone, because he could make anything happen.  He was invincible now, but in the quiet moments Fyfe wondered.  How long will this last?


“I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.

1 Corinthians 6:12

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