TOA Chapter 8: Jenny’s Place

Calgary, Alberta CANADA | Wednesday April 2, 2070 | 5:00 pm

Newton could not remember the last time he had been off work this early.  It had still been a 12 hour day at that but he had experienced much longer days.

Newton raced home and scarfed down a quick meal of Kraft Dinner and a few hot dogs.  Yes, Kraft was one of the older companies who was still around.  Who thought the orange noodle fad would last so long?

Newton did not have any more time to ponder that thought.  He had to get through dinner so that he could talk to Jennifer.

Finally the moment arrived.  Newton fired up the HOLO system and noticed that Jenny had already invited him to start a conversation with her.  Newton eagerly selected the invitation and was instantly transported to her living room.

“Hello dear!”  said Jenny softly.

Newton didn’t know how to react to being called dear.  Nobody had ever used that term with him before.

Jenny quickly moved on. “Would you like a tour?”

“Yes please!”

She showed him the rest of her immaculate living room with supple leather couches.  Then they proceeded, physically for Jenny, virtually for Newton to Jenny’s kitchen, which had all the appliances a person could need.  They proceeded into another sitting room on the other side of the kitchen which had supple leather recliners.  She and Newton both chose one and they settled into a movie.

Newton wasn’t paying attention to the movie as much as he was paying attention to how beautiful Jenny was, and the fact that she was still sitting next to him.

Suddenly a shadow emerged in the stairway that lead up to bedrooms.  Newton felt as though he recognized the figure.  As the unidentified humanoid made his way emerged into the light, Newton saw the unmistakable shade of brown hair.

“Hide me!” he exclaimed

Confused by this sudden request to be dismissed from her presence,  Jenny activated the hide button on her HOLO remote.

Newton was instantly transported into his living room where he could still see what was going on through his monitor but the brown haired figure would not be able to see him.

Newton watched this conversation unfold.

“My darling daughter!” said Zeke Sabates.   “How was your day?”

“It was good Daddy.  How was yours?”

“Busy as usual dear.  In fact I must head back.”

“OK Daddy.” said Jenny sweetly.

Zeke kissed his daughter on the forehead and proceeded to leave the house.

Once Zeke was gone, Jenny pressed the hide button again on her remote to reveal Newton sitting in the easy chair opposite her.  He could tell she was not pleased with him.

“Well that was cowardly of you.” she said.  “Why are you afraid of my father?”

“I’m not afraid of your father.”  Newton stated truthfully.

“Then what was with all the HIDE ME garbage.”

“Here’s the thing.  Most importantly, I like you a lot!  I also work for your father…I wasn’t sure how he would take seeing me sitting next to you.  You see, he just promoted me to a special project…”

Suddenly Jenny was furious.

“So money is more important to you than our friendship.  I see. Listen here, you’re going to have to talk to my father soon if you want this friendship to amount to anything more.”

“I know, Jenny.  I won’t be afraid next time, or ever again.”

“I think, somewhere deep down there’s more confidence to be tapped out of you yet. Most other guys try to take advantage of me as soon as they see me.  You’re not like that Newton.  This is the best thing I’ve had going for a long time.  I was afraid you were going to leave and never return again.”

“I like you too much for that, Jenny.”

Suddenly Jenny hugged Newton, for a longer time than he’d ever been hugged before.  Then she released.

Newton did not know you could feel a hug through a HOLO conversation.  He was full of confidence at this point.

“Next time, I want to meet in real life.  I’ll take you to a park.  We’ll wander around out doors in clean air.  What do you think of that?”

“That sounds wonderful!” replied Jenny.   “Are you free Friday afternoon?”

“I will work very hard to make that happen.”  stated Newton.

Jenny smiled at him.  Newton thought it was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

Newton went to bed happy.  What a great streak of luck he had been having.

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