TOA Chapter 9: The Prototype

Calgary, Alberta CANADA | Thursday, April 3, 2070 | 9:00 am MDT

Newton sauntered into his office at a normal human time for the first time in years.  He had never felt so rested.  Newton was loving this new promotion.  He had more energy and could work even harder in less time.

Most of the day was spent finishing up the prototype that Newton had been working on since being promoted to lead this special project.

By 2:00 pm that afternoon, Newton had finished it.  Newton began a HOLO conversation with Gene Cleveland from Calgary Health Unlimited.

Suddenly Gene appeared before him.

“Hello Newton.”  Gene spoke professionally while scratching the bald spot on his head.  Gene had a receding hairline so that bald spot was really the first three quarters of his head by now.  With most of his head exposed, it got itchy, and Gene was self conscious of that.  He would never let on though.

“Hello Gene.  Check out what I’ve made.”

Newton quickly messaged Zeke Sabates to inform him that Gene was in the office on HOLO connection and that he should show up as soon as possible so that he too could see the device.

Newton brought out the prototype for Gene to examine.  Moments later Zeke appeared, anxious with anticipation to see what Newton had come up with

What he had designed was a small transmitter which if installed properly would fit flush with the outside of a person’s head.   Attached to this receiver were several wires, which would feed through tiny incisions into the brain and attach to individual dendrites and axons in the individual’s brain.

The receiver was a piece of software that could theoretically be installed on any computer.  Via a wireless Ultra Net connection it could download thoughts from several transmitters in real time and the moment when a person who was being monitored had a dangerous self harming thought, those on the receiving end would be able to know immediately and intervene using common sense as necessary.

“This is all very intriguing.” stated Gene.

“Yes, I’m excited to begin testing on this prototype.  Could there be an option for hair to grow over top of it in future versions?”  inquired Zeke of the group.

“If this works properly…and I don’t see why not.  I’ll have my people work out that part.  You folks just stick to the software part.  Let the medical staff at Calgary Health Unlimited worry about the hair.” said Gene confidently.

“Newton, since you designed this prototype we believe you should be the first test subject” said Gene.

Newton shuddered.  He was hoping they would test monkeys first, but those days were long gone.  Now they skipped right to human trials.  The thought being that much time and money are saved doing medical tests this way.

“I’ll take that silence as a yes!” exclaimed Gene.  “I’ll get my associates ready.  Implantation could start as early as 9:00 pm.  Don’t eat anything Newton.   We don’t want you vomiting during surgery.”

Gene signed out of the HOLO conversation.

Zeke instructed Newton to remain in his office or common area until he came back with further instructions.

Zeke left Newton alone and headed up to his office.  He dove into his lake for a brief swim.  After that he began another HOLO conversation with Gene Cleveland about the logistics and intricacies of the surgery which lied ahead.

Newton sat in his office alone.  He was finished his big project for the day.  Now there was plenty of time, according to Gene’s schedule to worry about what would happen to him next.  When he signed on to lead this project, he wasn’t expecting to be involved int the testing phase as well.

Newton became distraught.

He thought he’d send a quick message to Jennifer.

Newton would much rather HOLO her instead but he did not want her to see him in this condition so he typed.

Going under the knife tonight.  I wish I could tell you why…

I love you.

He had never told her he loved her, and they had only known each other for two days, but after what happened yesterday, Newton thought it was only fair that she knew at least that much of the truth should he die during surgery tonight.  If he was dead and she found it creepy that he loved her, well then he was dead and he wouldn’t have to hear about it.  No harm, no foul as far as Newton was concerned.

If he lived, and it turned out Jennifer reciprocated his love, then there was everything to gain.

That two letter word had so much bearing on it this evening.


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