Trash Teeth: Intruders

Jalleed woke up extremely contented.  His racoon wife was sleeping peacefully beside him.  The euphoria of the night had passed, but his love for Onyx only grew stronger.  He knew he must provide for her if he wanted her to stick around.  Jalleed did indeed enjoy her company.  Wandering through paradise he began to gather a variety of food items.  He wanted to show his new companion how much better the eating was here than in the city.

Suddenly, Jalleed’s sensitive hearing picked up a large amount of foot steps headed toward where he happened to be in the park..  Concealed in the bushes at the edge of a spacious clearing, Jalleed observed a large group of men emerge from one of the many hiking paths in the park.  The group’s leader was an old man with a shovel.  Jalleed tensed his muscles.  Shovels never meant anything good from his experience.  He continued to watch the group intently.

The old man jammed his shovel into the ground.  Maneuvering it with his foot he brought the metal head above ground raining dirt everywhere.  This was followed by applause from the group and much cheering.

“Gentlemen,  The ground has officially been broken!”  Gustaf addressed the crowd.  Jalleed found human speech difficult to understand as it was very different from the way he was used to communicating.

The rest of the men produced shovels and began to make the whole deeper, wider, and longer.  Jalleed became confused.  Why were these men so eager to tear up the grass in the clearing?  Jalleed felt uneasy about this.  He would have to return later.  He had a female to please.  He returned to Onyx who was awake by now.  The two enjoyed a simple yet fulfilling breakfast together and would spend the rest of the day exploring the park.

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