Trash Teeth: Searching

Jalleed meandered through a dark alleyway.  He had searched all day long amidst the rank odors of the city in order to find what he was looking for.  In the hour of twilight he had found what he was looking for.  The unmistakable scent of a female had driven him to this place.  Amidst the ruins of what had been food from days gone by, he saw her perched on a garbage can consuming what was left of a chocolate bar wrapper.  Jalleed thought of how much healthier her life could be if she came home with him and ate real food.  Jalleed initiaed a mating call.  She turned and cracked a racoon smile.  Through a series of grunts and growls that would make no sense to the human ear Jalleed discovered that her name was Onyx.  The two were immediately attracted to one another after some more brief conversation.

Suddenly a dark shadow appeared in front of Jalleed and bit him hard in the shoulder.  It was another racoon.  Perhaps a jilted, jealous, controlling lover of Onyx.   Jalleed would have to fight him if he wanted to continue his quickly developing relationship with Onyx.  Within the past five minutes he had learned enough about her to know that she wanted to be with him and he was not about to easily give that up.

The scufle began.  Jalleed had not had to fight a racoon in a very long period of time.  He found the fight surprisingly easy due to the fact that he had a much better diet than his opponent.  Fur flew from both sides, but in the end it was Jalleed who was victorious over his foe, sinking his teeth into the neck of his opponent, killing him,  and thus protecting Onyx from any further harm.

After that it did not take much convincing for Onyx to return to Paradise with Jalleed.  She was impressed with how soft the grass was and how strong her new mate had proven himself to be.  In short time, the new couple had found an empty thicket where they performed the racoon obligation to the species.  They didn’t care about the ambiance or that just feet away a famly of deer slept.  A racoon must keep the species going, and he cannot do that by himself.  This is what they had to do.

The park was indeed the best place to eventually raise children, and now it as actually going to happen.  In time, Jalleed would become a father.

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