Trying To Understand The Big P

More than 70% of men from 18 to 34 visit a pornographic site in a typical month…that’s disturbing!

I don’t understand the big point of Pornography.  There I said it.  From what little I do understand of it I know that it is not good for human indulgence.  Does looking at a naked woman benefit you in the long run?  Do you enjoy cleaning up whatever mess you’ve made afterward?  If you’re married, are you ready to deal with the consequences if your wife finds out?  You could avoid much marital strife by avoiding porn altogether.  As far as I can see Porn causes many more problems than it does good.  In my opinion porn should be completely abolished from society! 

Some folks who are making money off this disgraceful industry may make defenses that they are doing society good by providing an outlet for lonely people to live out whatever sick fantasies they want to.  (My answer to this is, go find some real friends and work on those relationships…those porn stars don’t really like you).

People don’t think about the many women who are being abused for the purposes of making money for a larger corporation.  Wouldn’t these women rather be loved than abused?  If you are a supporter of this industry via consumption (that means you watch the stuff) put yourself in their shoes for a minute (figuratively) would you be willing to “star” in the same films?  If you’re married, would you allow your wife to “star” in these types of films? I don’t think so.  Some may say that women gain power over men by doing these sorts of films.  Just remember there’s always someone behind the camera telling them what to do.  Whatever “power” they have doesn’t seem as powerful anymore does it.

Now to look at this from a theological perspective.  God made women so that men could love them, and take care of them so that they might flourish under their leadership.  God did not make women so that men could take advantage of them for some fast money!

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