UC Chapter 10: Come of Age

Lawrence paced the room.  The rest of the group was content to stand there and make unremarkable conversations amongst themselves.  The walls of the room they were trapped in made for exellent mirrors.  Willie was the first to pick up on this.

“Hey Lawrence!  You look good!”  He said.

“Yes, a resplendent rooster!”  Jaxon echoed.

“Rooster?”  Lawrence questioned.  He had never thought about himself in that way.  He hadn’t even viewed his reflection in quite some time.

“It’s true!”  Grace screamed.  “My boy is all grown up!”

Lawrence finally took some time to look at his new reflection.  He was an adult now, whether he liked it or not.

“If I may ask,  what is it that roosters actually do?”  Winston asked.

“I don’t actually know.” Lawrence said thoughtfully.  “My example has been Butch.  All he does is eat whatever he wants, and then he has his way with every last one of the hens.”

“Butch has no other hobbies?”  Jaxon inquired.

“It wouldn’t seem that way.”  Lawrence said.

“Perhaps the old chap is getting long in the tooth.”  Winston replied.  “You should all return so Lawrence can take on new adult responsibilities.”

He said this because he above all wanted to ecape this crowded room that was becoming more smelly by the minute.  He wanted that farm experience!

“It worked for that one fellow in the movie about the lions.”  Winston said, trying once again to relate the freedom of being outside and the goodness of responsibility.

“We don’t actually watch movies, honey.”  Grace quipped.

Suddenly, the door to their prison cell was opened.  In the brought light of day, all the gangcould make out were three shadowy figures.  The one in the center was thrust toward them.  The other two stood still and the door did not close.  It was as if time itself was waiting to see what would happen next.

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