UC Chapter 2: Look To The Horizon

Another idealistic day dawned on Newton Farm.  “Good morning, Lawrence!”  Willie said too cheerily.

“Rise and shine, Mr. Sun!”  Grace exclaimed.  “I’ll be off to the pasture.”

“I thought you were an evening grazer.”  Lawrence deadpanned.

“Morning works just fine for me too, baby!”  Grace chortled.   She then set out resolutely for the fields.  She’d catch up with the boys later.  Grace was feeling like a brand new day, with nobody to build a fortress around her heart.

Lawrence felt like he was just something in the way.  Willie’s “don’t worry, be happy” attitude was not helping in the slightest.

“Ready for some more corn?”  Willie said enthusiastically.

“Hold me back.”  Lawrence deadpanned.

The two headed out to the feeding trough where Nigel greeted them.

“Another lucky morning with my favourite chicken, and my favourite turkey!”  Nigel said.  He lingered for a moment before moving on to the other apparrently lesser animals.

“Do you think Grace is his favourite cow?”  Willie asked.

“Of course.”  Lawrence replied.

The two continued to gorge on their food when a predictable unwanted guest arrived.

“Fifteen times last night Larry!  Fifteen!”  Butch screamed right in his face.

“You need to find another hobby that you can discuss freely among polite society.”  Lawrence retorted.  “Your whole…I’m obsessed with sex…bit is getting really old, day after day after day after day.”

“I don’t see any polite society around here.”  Butch snarled.  “Who said you were polite society?”

“Who said I wasn’t?”  Lawrence deadpanned.

After thirty more agonizing minutes of heckling, Butch left Lawrence to decide his fate for the rest of the day.  Seeing that Willie was happy to stare at the sunlight through the small cracks in the barn walls, Lawrence decided to take a stroll, to the edge of the property.  He would often go there when he needed to be alone with his thoughts.  The cows would never graze directly next to the fence if they knew what was good for them.  Wire does not taste very good when you are expecting grass.  Lawrence set off resolutely, in as straight of a line as possible.

At this moment Willie got up and followed his friend from a distance.  Contrary to popular belief he was not content to stair through the cracks in the barn walls.  He was merely waiting for some better action to happen than Butch overcompensating for some sort of deep seated insecurity.

Lawrence finally reached his destination, or at least as close to his destination as was physically permissible, and gazed through chicken wire fence at his goal.  The other side of the fence.  Freedom.  Over those hills, the city, alive and exciting all the time.  No strict bed time routines.  The city did what it pleased.   Prior to the writing of this story, Lawrence would often come to this spot at night to gaze upon the seemingly amazing light show that was the city.  He wondered what constant adventures awaited those who lived there.  Surely it was better than being antagonized by an idiot rooster.  Suddenly, his thoughts were rudely interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Hey, pal!”  Willie exclaimed.  “What are we looking at?”

“Adventure, opportunity, and intrigue all rolled into one.”  Lawrence replied.Y

“You were going to leave me and GRACE behind just to go over there and see if it’s good or not?”  Willie inquired.

Somewhere across the field Grace heard her name yelled in a humorous fashion.  She lazily trundled on over to investigate.

Willie continued his self-righteous tirade.  “You want to leave behind friends who love you, fresh air, and free food just to go see what the city is like?”

“Have you seen that place at night, Willie?  So many lights!  I have to see it up close.  I need to try something new.  I need to eat more than corn.  I need to get away from Butch for a while.”

Lawrence moved his feet back and forth in the grass and dirt.

“So, you’re dancing now?”  Willie asked.

“If you’re going to be a tool about all of this, at least help me dig.”  Lawrence said.

“I’ll do more than that.  I’m coming with you!”  Willie exclaimed.

The two started digging.  It was more difficult than they had anticipated.

“Are you boys going on an adventure without little old me?”  Grace asked.

She quickly dug a hole underneath the fence, using her four strong legs, that was big enough for all of them to get through.  She put all of the efforts of the boys to shame.

“How do you like that?”  Grace asked.

Lawrence and Willie were very pleased.

“What would you have us do now?”  Willie asked Lawrence.

“Run like Hell.”  Lawrence instructed.

“That’s silly, Lawrence.  Hell is a place.  It doesn’t have legs.”  Grace said.

Lawrence and Willie jumped on Grace’s back and ever so gently dug in their feet.  Grace got the hint and ran at beak neck speed toward the lights of hope,  the lights of fun,  the lights of adventure.  As the sun set, they became more pronounced against the ever darkening night.  None of the trio knew what lay ahead for them, but they knew they would face it together.  Few bonds are stronger than a solid friendship.  What better way to strengthen those bonds by doing something that had never been attempted.  Not to their knowledge anyway.  The only way to find out what would happen was to make it happen.

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