UC Chapter 6: Path Of Destruction

Nigel followed the broad path of destruction through the fields, over hill and dale toward the city limits.  Upon his arrival,   Nigel noticed something peculiar.  The restaurant across the street had a sagging patio with bystanders milling about, looking bewildered.

“What happened here?”  Nigel asked.

“It was horrible!”  Screamed a random old man.  “They stomped on though and ate everything!  A chicken, a turkey, and a giant cow!  There were also some other birds that I’ve forgotten what they are called.

“Where did they go after this?  Nigel asked.

“I have no clue”   The old man replied.  They disappeared as fast as they showed up.”

Not wanting to admit to anyone that these were his favourite farm animals.  Nigel began to systematically look for more signs of destruction within the city.  Where there were obvious signs of trampling, he would find his animals and their friends.  He would not stop looking.  Failure was not an option.  No matter what Tiffany said.

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