UC Chapter 7: The Sanctuary

The next morning, the group woke up to Winston’s shrill call to attention.

“Alright, you’ve had your fun in the city.  It’s really time that we thought about getting you all home to your natural habitats.  Not to mention I’d like to experience some of that farm fresh air!”  Winston exclaimed.

“Are you kidding!”  Lawrence screamed.  “We just got here.  I certainly have not experienced everything the city has to offer.”

“Me either!”  Willie echoed.  “Come on, guys!  let’s get into some daytime trouble!”  Willie took a deep breath and relished the idea that he had, for once in his life, instigated something.

Lawrence and Jaxon followed him out of the green space as fast as their legs could carry them.  Neglecting Winston’s cries of wisdom about the extra attention the area was getting from passers by, police, animal control agents, and the rest of the rabble of the city.  Dodging legs quicker than the humans could react would be the primary method of the lean traveling trio.


“Thank you, Grace, for being you!”  Winston said overly triumphantly.

“I’m just here for the no competition grazing.”  Grace said as she bounded off for uneaten grass, leaving Winston alone with his thoughts.

As Grace munched she did realize that the grass was finite, and at here current rate, she would run out sooner than she wanted to.  This would cause her wanderlust for the city to diminish swiftly.

Grace chewed slowly and continued to think to herself.


Lawrence, Willie, and Jaxon shuffled through the legs of passers by quicker than they could react to what was happening.

Suddenly they passed by a grand, outdoor, stone staircase.  Lawrence stopped and focused on it intently.

“Why did you stop, Larry!”  Willie said, knowing the Larry part would get his attention.

“These stairs are mesurizing.”  Laworence said.

“They look normal to me!”  Jaxon exclaimed.  “Let’s see what else is out there.”

They tore through the city, eating exotic food, anything within beak reach,  and terrorizing the locals.  After a hard day of running around, the trio returned to the green space.  Hoever, it did not look the same as it had when they had left it.  They found Grace sobbing.  Winston was trying to comfort her to no avail.

“I’ve eaten all the grass!”  Grace exclaimed. “There is no food left for me.”

“It is my unpopular suggestion that we head for greener pastures that are bigger than this now practically scorched earth.”

Willie, Lawrence and Jaxon looked around.  They were truly in a wasteland.  As fun as the city had been, it would be necessary to find more grazing land.  They all loved Grace and wanted her to be around for a long time.  It was decided that under cover of darkness they would leave the sanctuary, if you could call it that, in search of a better alternative living situation.

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