UC Chapter 8: In The Middle Of The Night

With the band of friends back together, and Winston agreeing to lead them sensibly out of town, they proceeded to leave the sanctuary.

“Finally you’ve chosen to do something sensible.”  Winston quipped.

“You like that, don’t you.”  Said Lawrence


Butch the Rooster was bored.  He wondered what had become of Lawrence and the gang as he lay out under the stars.  With all the hens to distract him, he still couldn’t help but wonder of  Lawrence’s fate.

“I miss that little guy.”  Lawrence said softly.

“We can make you forget all about him.”  Chirped the hens.

Soon  Butch was sufficiently distracted yet again.  He forgot about Lawrence.


Nigel also longed for the return of his animal friends.  He had grown weary of Tiffany’s nightly calls, reminding him that this was a fruitless endeavor, reminding him that he should come home to her, and their son.  Nigel just wanted to get this over with and sorted out.  He longed for things to be normal again.


Sneaking out of  town was easier said than done.  At 2:00 in the morning there were still many people milling about town exercising their collective right to be awake when nobody should be.  Nobody approached them, but there was talk and gawking.

“Just keep your heads down, and move along!”  Winston exclaimed.

Sooner than they expected, the sun began to rise and they could see grass, rolling hills, towering forests,  and some mountains in the distance.  No buildings of any kind.

“Is this where you folk are from?”  Winston asked.

“No,”  said Grace. “This is much better.  She charged into an open field.  Just as she was about to sink her teeth into more fresh grass there was a loud bang, followed by a sharp pain, and then, darkness.

A similar fate awaited each animal friend in turn as much as they tried to flee.   The tranquilizer darts were too fast.  Those shooting them had really good aim.

Darkness descended all too quickly once again.

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