UC Chapter 9: Blur

The next day was all a blur.  Their vision partially obscured by the tranquilizer drugs, the group were marched through town on leashes.  People crowded the streets to catch a glimpse of the perpetrators of such terror in the past few days.

Lawrence stopped to stare intently at the stairs leading up to the court house, but he was immediately whipped by his handler.

The message was sent.  Proceed in silence, and at a good pace.

A man tried to reason with the members of animal control, but Lawrence, Willie, Winston, Grace, and Jaxon could not recognize the man due to their imposed temporary myopia.

They were lead into a small room and the door was locked behind them.  As their vision returned they realized that it was a mirror room, with mirrors where all the walls should be.

“Lawrence, you’ve really grown up!”  Willie exclaimed.

“Yes, you are a real rooster now.”  Grace chimed in.

Lawrence admired himself from every angle.  He had changed.  The city had made him everything he wanted to be.

“Fellas, I feel like our time in the city is about to wrap up.”  Lawrence quipped.

“You don’t say.”  Jaxon replied sarcastically.

“It’s time we got back to the farm.  To open spaces, and lots of food.”  Lawrence admitted.

At this, Winston beamed with pride.  Finally, he had gotten through!

But how would they get out of here?  That was the question that became more and more important with each passing second.  No immediate promise of any kind did not bode well for life itself.

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