When Help Hurts

Don’t worry this is actually a pretty funny story now.

My family and I had just gotten back from a day trip to see relatives.  When we got home, mom and dad immediately notice that our driveway (and everything else for that matter) is covered in ice.  Dad, being the smart and helpful person he is, offers to help me get from the truck to the door of the house since conditions are treacherous.  He instructs me to hold onto both of his shoulders (this should work as long as I don’t drag him down with me right?).

We didn’t make it 3 steps before the ice threw us in to a 180 degree spin (so we were facing the opposite way we were before) My feet slide forward and out from underneath me…catching his feet and tripping him up.  Due to the angle of things I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

My well intentioned father falls on top of me.  I wasn’t hurt.  A tad confused because it happened so fast, but not hurt  No worries.  We then changed our methods and made it into the house without further incident.

The only regret anyone had was from my mom.  She wished she had videotaped it.

Stay safe on the ice!  That’s the moral of the story.

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