Why Voting Is Important

If you live in Nova Scotia.  Today is very important.  You may not think so, but it is.  It’s the one rare chance we get about every 4 years or so to determine the direction of government in our province.  Not only is it a civil duty to participate, but every one counts.  If your favourite doesn’t win…then at least you, as a voting member of society, have the right to complain.  People who don’t vote shouldn’t complain about the results

People in other countries get killed for this sort of stuff…and we take it for granted.

So…if you’re a Nova Scotian, you should get out to the polling station nearest you and mark that X.  It takes 5 minutes.  Let your opinion be heard…and if it doesn’t work out…complain all you want later.

That’s my spiel on voting.

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