150 Reasons To Like Canada

I’ve ditched the E Book idea and decided to go with a list so I can get it done before Canada Day.

So here they are.

  1. Free Healthcare
  2. Lots of space for everyone
  3. Quiet places you can go to get away from it all.
  4. Donairs
  5. Poutine
  6. Basketball was invented here
  7. We’re good at hockey
  8. But Lacrosse is our natural sport.
  9. You can say “Eh” but you don’t have to.
  10. James Hinchcliffe
  11. Peter Mansbridge
  12. Lloyd Robertson
  13. The glass floor of the CN Tower
  14. The fact that the CN Tower keeps trying to find new ways to be the “tallest something.”
  15. Twonies
  16. Loonies
  17. The fact that we didn’t go with the idea of a five dollar coin
  18. We were bold enough to get rid of the penny when it became too expensive to make them.
  19. There are places where it snows all year.
  20. Fall Foliage
  21. Corner Gas
  22. This Hour Has 22 Minutes
  23. Flashpoint
  24. Wayne Gretzky
  25. There are legitimate moose crossings
  26. The telephone was invented here
  27. Jasper National Park
  28. We have the worlds largest metal lobster.
  29. Shediac was cool enough to host the Beach Boys once
  30. You can still have reasonable conversations with people.
  31. Acadian cuisine.  It was here before it hit Louisiana
  32. Jacques Villeneuve
  33. Gilles Villeneuve
  34. Peter Coade
  35. Stanley Park
  36. Bannf
  37. The Columbia Ice Fields
  38. It’s easy to learn French because the English is right beside it.
  39. Jean Chretien’s  one liners
  40. The Toronto Blue Jays
  41. Maple Syrup
  42. There’s more fresh water here than anywhere else
  43. Rush
  44. Our Lady Peace
  45. Joel Plaskett
  46. You don’t have to like everything everyone else likes
  47. There are still places where you can buy cheap real estate
  48. Keji
  49. Saint John City Market
  50. Interesting cruise destinations
  51. Maple leaves
  52. The Montreal Canadiens
  53. The other Canadian hockey teams
  54. French Toast
  55. Friendly people
  56. We know the difference between bacon and ham
  57. Home of the biggest concrete moose
  58. Jay Onrait
  59. Dan O’Toole
  60. Sports Centre
  61. Home of the true North Pole
  62. You can write government without paying postage
  63. The benefit of the doubt
  64. April Wine
  65. Newfoundland was the first landing place when The Beatles came over to North America
  66. Stuart MacLean
  67. The Viayl Cafe
  68. Rick Mercer
  69. This Is That
  70. Pat Kelley
  71. Peter Oldring
  72. The Irelevent Show
  73. The ’72 Summit Series solidifying Canada’s hockey supremacy.
  74. Vimmy Ridge
  75. Beavers
  76. Douglas Firs
  77. May Flowers
  78. The Annapolis Valley
  79. Coastal cities
  80. CTV
  81. CBC
  82. TSN
  83. The Canadarm
  84. Unpredictable weather patterns and the teams that relentlessly cover them.
  85. The Weather Network
  86. Hockey Night In Canada
  87. The fact that TSN made a bid to keep the Hockey Night in Canada theme after CBC stopped using it for Hockey Night In Canada
  88. Sidney Crosby
  89. Mario Lemeux
  90. Challenging backwoods roads for people who love driving.
  91. Average life expectancy in Canada is 81 years.
  92. Statistics Canada
  93. The fake Statistics Canada Twitter account
  94. Sir John A. MacDonald
  95. Joseph Howe
  96. Alexander Graham Bell
  97. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  98. The St. Lawrence Seaway
  99. The Montreal Expos could make a comeback
  100. July 1, 1867
  101. The World Expo 100 years later
  102. A budding hub for Artificial Intelligence
  103. William Shatner
  104. Milk in a Bag
  105. Sometimes the Mounties still use horses instead of police cars
  106. All the hype that the Ottawa Senators almost won the Stanley Cup in Canada’s 150th year.  The Penguins got it though.
  107. Canada is very generous with the Stanley Cup
  108. Rural accents
  109. The mangling of the word Japan in some places.  (Normal pronounciation Ja-PAN…Other strange pronunciation I’ve heard JA-pan).
  110. Sanford Flemming
  111. Daylight Savings Time
  112. Saskatchewan doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time
  113. Nobody is actually forced into doing the Daylight Savings Time thing.
  114. Regular mail and faxing are still viable ways of communicating with people if you like that.
  115. Louisberg
  116. Citadel Hill
  117. The Columbia Ice ields
  118. Canadian Bush Pilots
  119. It’s easy to tell monetary bills apart.
  120. Mr. Dressup
  121. The Participaction gang
  122. Bert and Gert
  123. Sharky and George
  124. Professor Iris
  125. Popular Mechanics For Kids  (Keeping the throwback TV show trend going)
  126. Maud Lewis
  127. Robert Bateman
  128. Balanced budgets (from time to time)
  129. Timbits
  130. Tim Horton’s
  131. Tim Horton himself.
  132. Coastal breezes
  133. Not everywhere smells like Brooks  (I like meat though so I get why they do it)
  134. Farmers and miners can coexist in the same geographical area
  135. You can go outside without dying
  136. Peggy’s cove
  137. Hopewell Rocks
  138. Wandering around outside Parliament just to see what there is to see is totally cool
  139. You can even watch parliament i you want.
  140. People go nuts over Anne of Green Gables even though she’s a fictional character in a book.
  141. Roll up the rim
  142. The fact that they brought Roll Up The Rim back just for Canada Day when it usually happens in the winter.
  143. They still play exhibition games in the Olympic stadium even though it’s falling apart.
  144. Lucy Maude Montgomery
  145. Kim Campbell
  146. The Governor General could possibly remove any Prime Minister from Office if he or she had reason to.  Mostly a non-confidence vote
  147. Oklawn Farm.  The most laid back zoo ever.
  148. The Harbour Hopper
  149. William Shantner
  150. Psalm 72:8

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