A Bus Route In Prospect Would Be A Good Idea

Please Note that the last day of the community transit service pilot will be Wednesday, December 14th.
There will be a public meeting at the Prospect Road Community Centre on Wednesday, Jan 18 at 7:00pm to talk about the future of transit service in the community.
Unused tickets can be exchanged for a refund at the PRCC front desk.
The transit page includes a feedback / comments section which will remain open for the next couple of weeks. You can find it here: http://prospectcommunities.com/transit#feedback

Source: http://www.prospectcommunities.com/front-page/item/1936-community-transit-pilot-wrapping-up
They’ve been trying for years to get a bus route to go along the #333 so that people who live along that rather long road could have an alternate way of getting into town other than driving.  For the past year the communities along Prospect Road have been involved in a pilot project with Metro Transit to see exactly how much interest there would be in having a bus route out there.  As you have already seen, the pilot project is about to wrap up and there will be a meeting in January to discuss whether or not to do this full time.

I hope they get their bus route, I used to live out there and there are plenty of people there who could use one.  Maybe not as much as in a major city, but enough that it could possibly be profitable.  We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.

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