A New Genre of Music? “Operatic Jazz-Metal”

A friend and I were talking about music one night, as we often do.  We had been listening to various different kinds of music over a period of time.  Some jazz, some blues, some rock, some metal, some classical.  It was after a period of time listening to these various genres of music that we came up with this revolutionary idea.  Why not combine the three most popular music styles of music across the generations that make up toady’s world and make a genre of music that everyone can listen to and enjoy?

We then came up with this new genre.   “Operatic Jazz-Metal”

You may think, “That’s crazy!  Who in their right mind would combine three distinct genres of music into one singular style???
If you would follow our train of thought for a moment, your fears may (or may not) be put to rest.
Our line of thinking was that by combining these genres we would hear some extremely different music from that which society has been used to (or been getting used to).  After all, have you ever heard a soprano opera star sing to the backing of screaming guitars, drums, and pounding bass?  Have you ever heard a jazz band play with Pavarotti?  (or someone like he was)  Imagine the possibilities!!!  Best of all, there is something in this style of music for everyone.  Metal for the kids, Jazz for the adults, and Opera for….well you know who you are.
Perhaps we are ahead of our time in proposing this new “genre” of music, but who knows?  It could happen!

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