A Review Of The Springhill Santa Clause Parade

It was dark and cold as it is every year the Springhill Santa Clause Parade is held.  Unlike past years they actually started more or less on time.  Many of us hung out in the parking lot of the local hospital to see what kinds of floats they would have.

The theme was Disney.  A few floats kept to it, but many just went as is. Local politicians, police officers, random other people driving cars and trucks.   The parade closed out with a less than enthused Santa Claus (he was feeling a bit cold on his float) and few fire trucks from the local station.  The whole thing lasted less than 15 minutes, but all the little kids seemed to enjoy it.

One of the funnier moments for me occured when ha group of cubs or boy scouts…I’m not sure what they were, were all on a float throwing candy canes out to people…but they couldn’t throw far enough, so the candy canes were landing in the street.  Can’t blame them for making the effort though.

Another interesting thing was how many people gave me candy canes…I was under the impression I was a bit too old for that now…oh well, more for my sister!

As short as it was, it was a reasonably good time.  Lots of effort was put into the few floats that participated.

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