A Typical Appointment with the Ophthalmologist

So I went to the ophthalmologist (Fancy word for Eye Doctor) as I am extremely near-sighted and they like to see us near sighted folks every once in a while…and I was long overdue for my appointment.  I went into the office and waited around for half an hour or so.  Then came the “fun” part.  My turn came to have the dilation drops put in my eyes.  These drops make your pupils go really big so that the eye doctor can easily look inside (with the help of various magnifying devices.  The drawbacks to these are that they let more light than is necessary into your eye, so everything is much brighter for the rest of the day.  Also they are a pain to put in, They have to fight against my natural reflex to close my eyes, because you just don’t normally put stuff on your eye.

After that mercy was displayed as I was put in a dark room to wait for the real exam.  Then they shone bright lights into my eyes…keep in mind they were dilated.  best quote of that time “Now here’s a more mellow blue light.”  Nothing is more mellow when your pupils are dilated to as big as they will go.  Fortunately this did not last long and then I was informed that my eyes hadn’t changed very much which was good.

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