ADVENT Week 4: “Love”

The fourth week of Advent, which starts this year on Sunday December, 19. is the week where the Love of Christ is focused on.  I’m not talking about love the same way Hollywood views it.  This is not the kind of love that stays with you for fifteen minutes or whatever and then leaves you at the first sign of major trouble.  Christ’s love for humanity is much stronger and deeper than any marriage can be.  His love lasts forever, and does not change because of how good or bad we’ve been.  God loves us so much he sent his only son, Jesus Christ (Christ was not his last name, it was his title.  Just in case you were wondering) to die for our sins and then be raised up from the dead three days later after Christ had defeated Satan and all the “power” of Hell.  Christ endured the pain of the cross so that we might someday choose him over ourselves and in doing so be free from eternal pain and suffering.  Christ endured all that pain on the cross and died in our place so that we would have to.  He did this because he LOVES US!  He would have done it if there had been only one other person on earth!  This is amazing I think.  Jesus being perfect and righteous in every way, had no legal reason to die on that execution instrument but did so anyway so that we, as sinful, evil, and disgusting as we are, could one day be reunited with a Holy and Perfect God for ever and ever.

Thoughts from a slightly older me.  Everyone needs love, and everyone receives it in different ways.  Go show someone some love.  It’ll make his or her day.

The Christ Candle

The “Christ Candle” is the fifth and last candle in the sequence of Advent candles.  It is also lit during the fourth week of advent, on Christmas Eve (December 24th) at the climax of the Christmas season to symbolize the actual birth of Christ.  It is often lit during the telling of the Christmas story during a special Christmas Eve service at most Churches.

And that concludes my Advent Series of blog posts.  Hope you enjoyed it!  No worries, this is not the end of the blog.

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